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Mother Board Ministry


 At FMC our women's ministry is a community of women who gather to fellowship, mentor, and connect in a safe, supportive environment. Women's ministry is where women engage with God while uplifting and encouraging one another in their faith.

Our Women's Ministry is successful because we share the load and allow other women to work alongside one another. Experiencing such ownership makes women feel more connected and integral to the body of Christ, and brings personal fulfillment when they use their gifts to serve the Lord and others.


Whether a church has an official women’s ministry or not, women’s ministry is vital to the spiritual health of Christian women. But to understand exactly why this is, one must understand what women’s ministry is and is not.

A healthy and vibrant ministry to women is more than a social opportunity. It is more than event planning, craft meetings, luncheons and community service. While those things may be valuable ministry components, a thriving women’s ministry is women connecting with women, challenging one another to grow in Christlikeness.

Women need emotionally safe environments. Women often feel safest sharing their hearts, asking questions, requesting prayer and speaking up when they’re with other women. This happens for many reasons, many women are sometimes taught that “holding their tongues” in the presence of men is mannerly and respectful. Some women are silent because they misunderstand 1 Timothy 2:12, while some women are simply shy or feel embarrassed sharing before men, this behavior is also common in women who have a history of abuse.

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