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Meet our Pastor
and First Lady Fisher

Alfred M. Fisher

Senior Pastor

Fisher Memorial Church

Alfred Fisher who was born in San Francisco was a special gift from God. This was evident during his early childhood.  While an infant he and his siblings were placed in foster care in the home of Pastor and Lady Henry Prisentine, who were founders of the Christian Home Missionary Baptist Church of Richmond California. Under their care he developed a true love for God and found joy serving in the ministry at a young age. 

As a you man, his love for church enabled him to participate in various ministries', including the usher board, choir, teaching Sunday School, and even aspiring to be a minister at the age of seven years old. His father began to encourage and nurture his desire to please God, as he mentored him in the knowledge of God’s Word and Will.  Due to the lack of participation of his biological parents he overwhelmingly adopted the “Prisentines,” as his true parents.

By the fourth grade he knew he wanted to be both a “Pastor and a Mortician.”  After graduating from Salesian High School, he attended Contra Costa College for two years, and transferred to the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science and also studied at the California College of Mortuary Science in Los Angeles California. After taking the State Board Examination he was blessed to score within the top eleven in the State.

In 1972, He met his future wife, Myrtle Marie Clark, upon the passing of her father in 1972, while working in the local mortuary. Their attraction was instant and magnetic. Shortly afterwards while attending a revival service at the Green Pastures Church under the leadership of Bishop Mac Eastman, his life was totally transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This resulted in him developing a strong “Hunger and Thirst,” to know God through his Word and Power. 

Upon understanding it was God’s will for them to get married, they did so six months later, on December 2, 1972.   To this union they had two boys, Peter and Alfred III, along with their daughter Mia Fisher.  Bishop and Lady Mac Eastman spiritually nurtured, educated and deposited eternal principles in their lives that would shape their future. In 1977 he received his license to minister and after much training and seeking God’s Face he founded the Fisher Memorial Nondenominational Church of Oakland in 1988

Myrtle Fisher

First Lady

Fisher Memorial Church

Screenshot 2022-09-27 164047.jpg

Our First Lady was born November 23, 1949 to Fred and Arnette Clark in Richmond California.


After completing high school, she attended Contra Costa College, where she received her Associates of Arts degree. She then transferred to San Francisco State, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree.


As a young lady, she hoped to influence the lives of others in a positive way. She excepted employment with the Alameda County Social Services Agency, where she worked as a social worker for 16 years.

In 1980, First Lady Fisher was promoted to the position of Eligibility Technician with a mental health agency, where she retired from in 2008.

Lady Fisher's love for God began when she was eight years old. Her mother opened their home to Pastor Simmons who organized the Bible Way, Baptist Church and began to conduct Worship services in their home. First Lady began to shadow her mother as a junior usher, and participated in the Baptist Training Union sessions each Sunday.

It was at the age of 19yrs, that First Lady Fisher received salvation, (during a tent revival) ministered by Bishop Mack Eastman of Richmond, CA. She then united with Green Pastures Church in Oakland, where she was a part of the choir, usher board, Sunday school, altar worker, administration and an outstanding "Soul Winning" recruiter.

At age 22, she took a written pledge to God to have faith for a minister husband as a loyal "Helpmate." One year later, when her father passed away, she met the love of her life - Reverend Alfred Fisher. Reverend Fisher was a Mortuary of Science graduate, serving as a funeral director at Rose Manor Mortuary. There was an immediate magnetism between the two, and they married six months after meeting on December 2, 1972, it was from this union the Peter, Alfred III, and their daughter Mia were born.


First lady and Reverend Fisher remained faithful at Green Pastures for over 20 years until being called to pastor in 1987. They began having services in the garage of their home. In 1991, the church relocated to 8901 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, California. In 2011, they were Blessed to purchase the current building located at 4560 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, California - To God be the Glory!

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