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Praise Team Ministry

FMC believes in providing a rich heritage of vocal music that emphasizes simplicity, participation and community.

Our music leaders and our praise team lead a mix of contemporary and traditional songs that lead worshipers to rejoice, reflect and refocus. Would you like to be on a team of people who share that same passion?


Join our praise team and use your gifts to honor God!


Praise Team Requirements:

Our Praise Teams sing with the worship leader to provide vocal leadership in each of our worship gatherings.

This ministry provides a weekly opportunity for singers to use their gifts to help people offer meaningful and heartfelt worship to God.

Heart Qualities

  • Worship lifestyle: The most important thing is that we worship the Lord with our life, not just our lips. Romans 12:1 reminds us that all of our life is worship to God. We need to strive for consistent character whether we are behind a microphone in our gatherings or behind a desk at work.

  • Servant-hearted: This ministry is not about performing for others, it is about serving others. We are not singing into microphones to make a name for ourselves, but to lift up the Name of Jesus.

  • Team player: We aren’t just here to share our voices, but to share our lives as well. It is a blessing to witness the care and concern Praise Team members have for one another. We’re family!

  • Dependable: We are looking for men and women who will make this ministry a priority. Each singer in this ministry is asked to participate as often as you are able. We also ask that you be at rehearsals.

Vocal qualities:

  • Singing in tune:  Since praise team singers will be singing into a microphone to lead their respective vocal part, it is very important that each person sing in tune.

  • A basic understanding of music: Do you know what part you sing? Can you find your part on a sheet of music?

  • Do you have a basic understanding of harmony? If you answered yes to these questions, you have the basic skills we’re looking for.

  • Blending: We aren’t looking for solo voices; we are looking for people who can blend with others. Each singer will be coupled with another singer on his/her voice part. It is imperative that you be able to sing in tune with the leader and the other singers on the team.

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